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We are all Explorer Fish from Sarah Jane Pell on Vimeo.

We are all Explorer Fish, 2016.

Gripped by an obsession for Earthly connection, Amulet the first human born in low Earth orbit, agrees to work on the new Mars outpost. If she survives, others will follow and she will not be alone... Staring: SARAH JANE PELL. Cinematographer: SHAUN WILSON. Editor: JACQUI HOCKING. Visual Effects Artist: CHRIS BRAIBANT. Musical Score: STEPHEN BISHOP and ROBIN HAYWOOD recorded live at Liquid Architecture Perth 2015, presented by TURA MUSIC and LIQUID ARCHITECTURE as part of the National Experimental Arts Forum NEAF hosted by SYMBIOTICA. Sound design: ALISTER MORLEY. Images NASA. Filmed on location at the Victorian Space Science Education Centre, VSSEC Mars Simulation. Props: SEAN ELLIOTT, DANIELLE WILDE. Writer/Director/Producer Dr. Sarah Jane Pell, RMIT University. Co-commissioned by Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre for the Trondheim Biennale for Art and Technology 'Meta.Morf 2016 - Nice to be in orbit!' (see

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