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An artist astronaut re-defines engaging creative experiences from sea, to summit, to space.

An accomplished artist and occupational diver, Dr. Sarah Jane Pell is best known for pioneering "aquabatics”. A qualified simulation Astronaut and Aquanaut, she also takes art into expeditions and space analogues. With a research-in-performance approach, Dr. Pell produces novel experiments, prototypes, live art and films, and contributes to speculative fiction, exploration science, publication and outreach.

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SeaSpace Artist Researcher

Human exploration is at the core of our being. Without creativity we fight against the opportunity to disrupt our world view, and pursue discovery. Dr. Sarah Jane Pell uses the fluid lens of art; creating extreme performances, challenging technology frontiers, critiquing and complimenting science.

Artist-Astronaut Pell can help you to launch transformational goals. Themes of human-aquatic adaptation to other worlds and other extreme-performance interfaces are central to her work. Ask how you will benefit from partnering and investing. Browse the wide range of services she provides.

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Although she draws on the poetic and performative potential suggested by aquatic environments, her body of work is best described as an aestheticisation of life support systems

Dr. Jonathan Marshall, Real Time 2005

We need to invest more in these kinds of experiments and prototypes, as does ‘aquabatics’ pioneer Sarah Jane Pell, who is exploring an adaptive aquatic approach to the future of space...

Prof. Rachel Armstrong, Architectural Design 2014

One of the young world-changers and trailblazers who have shown unusual accomplishment and exceptional courage

Tom Reilly, TED Fellows 2010

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